Sponsorship Options

A number of different sponsorship options are available, as follows.

Advert Type Cost Dimensions
Full Page £360 140 mm (w) x 200 mm (h)
Back Cover £360 140 mm (w) x 200 mm (h)
Half Portrait £180 74 mm (w) x 210 mm (h)
Half Landscape £180 148 mm (w) x 105 mm (h)
Third Portrait £135 49 mm (w) x 210 mm (h)
Third Landscape £135 148 mm (w) x 70 mm (h)
Quarter £90 74 mm (w) x 105 mm (h)
Please note, all adverts must be supplied:
  • At a resolution of 300dpi (or higher) and in PDF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF graphical format
  • With bleed/crop marks (or a trim of 3mm)
  • Deadline: Monday 9th April
  • Prices exclusive of VAT
Sponsortship Cost Details
One Banner £65 2.5m, 14 spaces available above beer barrels/bars
Two Banners £120 As above; discount applied for two banners
Logo on back of volunteer t-shirt £300 Deadline 30th March
Stage sponsorship £400 Larger banner or signage can be displayed
Entrance tent sponsorship £400 Larger banner or signage can be displayed
  • Banners to be delivered to the Beer Festival site by 12pm on Wednesday 2nd May
  • T-shirt logo deadline: Friday 30th March
  • Prices exclusive of VAT

Arranging Sponsorship

Contact Madeleine Markey (moc.liamtoh@yekram_enieledam), Reading Beer Festival Programme Co-ordinator.

Festival at a Glance

  • National event drawing the majority of its customers from within an hour’s travel.
  • Located in Christchurch Meadows, a five minute walk from Reading rail station.
  • High levels of local press coverage in recent years, including Get Reading and BBC Radio Berkshire.
  • Each year an average of 13,500 people attend over the four days. Footfall is weather dependant so the maximum number of visitors is higher.
  • The average visitor eats one meal per session and drinks a half print of beer or cider per hour.
  • Visitors enjoy real ale and cider and many complete the annual Reading Ale Trail run by the Reading and Mid-Berks branch of CAMRA, exploring 24 different pubs in the area in the two months leading up to the Beer Festival.