Volunteers Wanted!!!

staff1We are now looking for volunteers to be involved in one of the biggest and most successful Beer festivals in Britain!

If you wish to volunteer, please fill in the online staffing form

Volunteers are needed for setup (Monday 24th April - Thusday 27th April), the Open days (27th April - 30th April), and Takedown (Bank Holiday Monday 1st May, plus Tuesday and Wednesday)

Why Volunteer?

Most of our volunteers return year after year because it's such a friendly community and it's a lot of fun! But the Beer Festival keeps getting bigger, so more and more volunteers are needed.

Who can volunteer?

Usually, volunteers must be members of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. If you are not a member but wish to volunteer, please consider joining. However, we do sometimes have a few volunteers who are not CAMRA members, but only if they are personally known by one of the festival organisers.

What sort of jobs are there?

The work at the Festival falls into two main areas: Setup/Takedown jobs and Open jobs. The jobs whilst the Festival is open to the public are more varied, so there's a wide choice of different areas to work in.

Open Jobsstaff2

Serving at the bars - beer, cider, foreign beer, wine

Entrance - selling entry tickets, glasses counter, programmes.

Stewarding - although we need some stewards who are officially qualified, not all of them need be. Stewarding isn't all security.

Behind the scenes - the jobs which are not directly customer facing. This could involve help with barrels (some heavy lifting), or some lighter duties

such as litter picking. Where appropriate, tools and safety gear is provided.

...and more besides...

staff3Setup and Takedown Jobs

For some of Setup and Takedown, we require volunteers who are physically fit as the work can be demanding with heavy lifting.
Reading Beer Festival offers generous benefits to volunteers:

Free food and drink - beers, ciders wines, soft drinks and food from the food traders.

Unlimited free entry to the Festival even on days you are not working

A friendly community - a very good way to make new friends

Staff party after closing on Sunday night - whatever beer is left over is then free!

Helpers' Trips - Summer day or evening coach trip out to a brewery (to be confirmed)