The festival works with Select Environmental Services to ensure that we have zero waste going to landfill.

Select ensure that as much of our waste as possible is recycled and the remaining waste that is left over is used to generate electricity, so nothing goes to waste.

We recycle all our glass and cardboard and all our remaining waste is sifted through to ensure that we remain as green as possible.


From our 2020 festival we ensure that all water given out behind the bars doesn’t involve single-use plastic, and we endeavour to fill up your festival glass rather than hand out water bottles.

When leaving the festival we have a legal obligation to ensure that your festival glass is in a suitable bag, we encourage all our guests to bring along a bag to put their festival glass in!


In 2019 we used 80% less Diesel fuel than 2018. Our goal is to reduce this further for 2020!

We’re switching from two diesel buggies to one diesel and one electric buggy for our site team and planning our supply runs smartly to reduce the number of vehicle movements needed across our site.

Our diesel generators on site are used in case of power failure only.


Where possible we aim to work with suppliers with the same sustainability goals as ourselves and all the contracts with our concessions stalls contain clauses to ensure that they commit to use reusable packaging.


As well as above, we also strive to make RBF more sustainable by;

  • Delivering leftover food to food banks.
  • Providing Bike Racks to our visitors and encouraging them to use public transport.
  • Saving water by ensuring that all our public toilets are vacuum toilets.
  • Ensuring that the plastic bags we provide to leaving guests for their festival glass is made of recycled plastic (PLEASE HELP US BE MORE GREEN by bringing your own bags!).